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Various rumblings of an old gamer…

5 Novembre 2009 , Rédigé par Manveru Publié dans #Jeux Vidéo - recherche

Again I have woken up from my autumn gaming sleep to see what happens in the current game world. In the meantime I played a lot of older and new games. I have seen several abandonwares from mid-90s such as Crusader and from the end of 90s such as Resident Evil. I have played some more modern games from mid-00s such as Hitman Contracts and Hitman Blood Money… time flows, new games arrive and today we are on the eve of Dragon Age publishing. Let’s hope that this game will satisfy all expectations that old CRPG players had. With Mass Effect Bioware had shown that a magic is still there, in early 2010 the Mass Effect 2 will be published, I hope it will be even better than previous.


2009 was a year where we had not so many good titles in the first 3 quarters. Some of those publishing companies explain this by the economic crisis and of course the reasons as always are linked to money. The best titles appear now. Some of them look really promising such as Borderlands.


While playing games and listening their various soundtracks I have reconfirmed that even though often good soundtrack is associated to a good game, it is often better to have not the most excellent soundtrack but all elements in balance.

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Using TRIZ in the forecasting of the computer role playing games evolution

24 Juin 2006 , Rédigé par Manveru Publié dans #Jeux Vidéo - recherche

article disponible sur le blog kalundume.net

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